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Tala Wine

4625 Mission St, SF 94112

This dahlia mural was designed as the visual centerpiece for Tala Wine, a woman owned, destination wine shop and bar in the Excelsior. Dahlias are San Francisco’s official flower, and this painting is based on dahlias grown by Tala Drzewiecki in her backyard.

Painted Summer 2023

Sour Cherry Comics

3187 16th St. SF, CA, 94103

“Castro Comics” and “Roxie Queer Comics” are based on the movie marquees of the Castro Theater and The Roxie Theater. Each is a cornerstone of their neighborhood. Sour Cherry Comics specializes in queer comics, graphic novels, and art.

Painted Spring 2023

Iris Mural

Private Residence

The Iris Mural evokes decorative, geometric floral designs of arts and crafts wallpaper designs and art nouveau detailing, but scaled up to a huge size. It makes a striking accent wall for its living room.

Painted Summer 2022

Floral Cut-out ‘Garland’ installation

Also at Tala Wine, I designed and built floral cut-outs for the windows. They are delicate and lacy, allowing the light to shine through and creating an interesting silhouette. They are double sided and beautiful to look at from inside or outside.

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